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MMR Terms & Conditions

The Millennial Mustang Registry (MMR) is a private group of Millennials who either own or drive a Mustang.  There is NO cost to join MMR and no scheduled fees. MMR numbers are assigned to the individual person, not the individual cars. One MMR number is valid for multiple Mustangs as long as they are all owned by the same member. Membership is granted if all of the following conditions are met:


  1. OWNERSHIP- Since a large number of Millennials are not able to afford a Mustang, ownership is not required.  In order for a person to be qualified to join MMR, they must either own a Mustang or have one provided for them as their mode of transportation.  Millennials who do not either own a Mustang or have one provided for them are not eligible for membership.

  2. AGE- MMR is a generational organization, so any individual who does not meet the specified age requirements will NOT be allowed to join.  Qualified members are those individuals who are born between the mid-1980's to the early 2000's. 



Membership status will be granted if both of the previously stated conditions are met.  Memberships can be terminated in the following ways:


  1. MMR members can request to terminate their membership at any point.

  2. Disrespecting others within MMR or any other Mustang affiliated group will result in immediate termination of membership. 

  3. MMR is a "family friendly" organization.  Any pictures, posts, or behaviors that do not reflect this atmosphere MAY result in termination of membership.

  4. Violation of the Social Media Rules MAY result in termination of membership.

  5. MMR admins reserve the right to deny and/or revoke membership from any potential or existing member with just cause.

  6. Termination of membership can come at any point, without warning, if any of the above-stated rules are not upheld.

  7. If membership is terminated for any reason other than the request of the member, it will NOT be reinstated unless authorized by the Managing Member of MMR.



The official logo of the Millennial Mustang Registry is Trademarked and registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Please see the information below regarding the use of the MMR logo.  Any other use of the MMR logo not specified in the paragraph below is not permitted without written consent from the President of the Millennial Mustang Registry.


  • Members are permitted to use the MMR trademarks only in the approved form to indicate membership in the organization and only as provided on documents, products and materials supplied by MMR (e.g., on window clings, etc.).  The member agrees to use the MMR trademarks in a manner that reflects positively upon the organization.  Any improper use of the MMR trademarks by a member may subject the member to termination.  Upon termination, the MMR member agrees to discontinue use of any and all MMR trademarks indicating an association between the member and MMR.

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